The Institute of Composing aims to address the critical issues of making new music in the 21st century, from the viewpoints of composer, performer, technologist, writer and audience.

Contemporary music-making takes many forms, (indeed it could be said to be at a tipping point in terms of performance practice, genre and media) sometimes led by composer and score, sometimes by performer, sometimes led by new technologies, and sometimes through shared collaboration with other artists and art forms.

The institute promotes debate about the nature of contemporary music-making alongside reflections on the underlying craft of composition as practiced from Machaut to Stockhausen, from Bach to Miles Davis.

It acts as both a hub, collaborating with other academic and professional institutions, and a forum, curating information and news.

Peter Wiegold, Director


Associate Director – Andrew Ward

Assistant Director – Dan Goren


Fellows of the Institute of Composing

Colin Matthews
Howard Skempton photo by Katie Vandyke
Howard Skempton
Evan Parker photograph by Caroline Forbes
Evan Parker
Richard Barrett
Richard Barrett