Journal of the Institute of Composing Issue #2

Welcome to the second issue of the Institute of Composing Journal packed with thoughtful insights from composer, performer, instrument maker and researcher perspectives.

There’s plenty of food for thought as Institute of Composing Fellow Howard Skempton asks us to carefully consider the relationship between notational craft and good thinking, urging us to not just accept our intuitions as they appear. Approaching a similar topic from a different angle, composer Jenni Roditi grapples with the sometimes fraught relationship between musical ideas and their embodiment in performance.

What happens when you listen to the same new work twice in one concert? Cognitive scientists Andrea Halpern and John Sloboda report on initial findings of their research. As we continue our CELLO CELLO season of events and publications, Bruno Guastalla draws on his experience as luthier, cellist and composer to question the very idea of ‘extended technique’. Finally there’s an chance to hear from three leading cellists Adrian Bradbury, Oliver Coates and Anton Lukoszevieze in four of our CELLO CELLO films.

We hope you enjoy reading and watching, and invite you to join the conversation on this website and social media.

Dan Goren

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