Institute of Composing Journal Issue #4

Institute of Composing Journal Issue #4

From Thursday 18 June until Thursday 23 July Club Inégales and the Institute of Composing will be celebrating the remarkable global range of new music making in the UK with a special concert series. Called Original Voices it brings artists from diverse musical cultures into focus in the unique Club Inégales way. Cultures which can and should thrive side-by-side, creatively nurturing each other, with integrity, without recourse to tribalism, facile comparison or cheap imitation. The value of such integrity is echoed in the second part of Alwynne Pritchard’s Think Different in this issue of the Journal as she reflects on her directorship of the Borealis Festival. One of the factors determining how boldly composers can communicate their vision is the part they play in how their work is funded, a subject addressed here by PRS for Music Foundation Executive Director Vanessa Reed.

To produce original work all artists must primarily focus on their own craft, honing their skills over decades as is evident in Jolyon Laycock’s brief exposition on his particular approach to compositional structure based akin to beautiful natural, fractal iterations.  However, to be original does not mean one must always operate in monastic isolation and all artists do well to recognise the influences which can inspire their creative spirits. In a new series Sparks Alex Roth will be asking guests to tell us about something which has inspired or made them think differently, this month leading by example. Many composers and musical improvisers take inspiration from visual arts and will recognise some of the strategies outlined by Daniel Barbiero.

Whether you find yourself agreeing with our contributors or wish to set out alternative positions, we encourage you to add your original voice to the discussion at the bottom of each article or on social media.

Dan Goren

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