Institute of Composing Journal Issue #5

Back for our first issue after a busy summer on a mission to find a truly exciting group of 12 artists to work together in our new Academy Inégales.  They will be spending the next 10 months with Club Inégales and the Institute of Composing – performing, composing and writing.  More about them in the weeks and months to come.

The values that both drive and eminate from contemporary cultural activity are under the spotlight in this issue of the Journal.  Changes in venues reflect changes in values – how and should they change compositional approaches?  Hilary Robinson posits some thoughts on the matter.  Perhaps to focus on them at all is to somehow miss the point as Bob Shingleton argues.  Are our values ‘modern’? Does this term its self still carry currency? Piers Tattersall argues for its relevance.  If Modernism promotes a certain individuality of thought then it’s worth also remembering the value of our relationships as Ed Mckeon entertainingly sets out.  Finally, Sound and Music Embedded artist Chris Corcoran finds inspiration for his inner drive in an unexpected place, where human values come into conflict with nature.

We’ll be examining both the values and the true creative contributions of Jazz artists as we ask ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ at our Jazz Rants event on Wednesday 18th November as part of the Club Inégales series in this year’s EFG London Jazz Festival.  We look forward to seeing you there and in the meantime hope these articles prompt wider debate, so do join the conversation on our website and via Twitter #IoCJournal and Facebook.

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