Institute of Composing Journal Issue #7

Our ability and desire to compare is at the root of our human intelligence, whether it be between tools, courses of action or our next meal. Beyond the quotidian, we may seek enrichment, knowledge or meaning through mental and practical comparison, between different ideas, sounds, images, texts, tastes and actions. In this issue of the journal we’re looking at what’s discovered between things – practices, artforms – comparisons and distinctions which uncover meaning and emotion.

At Tate Modern conductor Richard Bernas has been uncovering the deep connections between spacial artist Alexander Calder and composer Earl Brown whilst Aílis Ní Ríain reports on her encounter with place and literature at the Brontë Parsonage.  We our Academy Inégales participants, brought together from across practice and culture to write about their experience of “crossing new terrain”.  Lebanese violinist Layale Chaker has been uncovering the intricate webbed relationship between practice and language whilst percussionist George Barton finds challenge and development encountering a distinctive Indian percussion tradition.  Bringing us back round to the spatial once more, this time with a 21st Century compositional take is American composer-performer Ben Zucker.


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