Institute of Composing Journal Issue #9

Institute of Composing Journal Issue #9

In today’s affluent technology-driven ‘information’ cultural economy we are given to believe that we might be able to access any knowledge, any culture, at any time. However, if we are to make any sense of this we need somehow to join the dots between things and ideas, near or far, gradually building an ability to navigate and explore creatively. The act of making connections classical or novel is one of the joys of both creating and experiencing art.

In March 2016 The Institute of Composing hosted a ‘Rants’ discussion evening at Club Inégales focussed on ideas and issues of translation. Four of the talks given that evening form the back bone of this cross-disciplinary edition of the Institute of Composing journal. Poet and chair of Modern Poetry in Translation Caroline Maldonado offers up incisive advice when finding the spirit of an original work. Graphic and multimedia artist Dan Fern talks from experience about the particular and vital role of catalystic action in creative arts. Composer Freya Waley-Cohen reflects on the translations between musical and architectural approaches and Sam Britton looks at the questions posed by the advancement of technologies such as artificial intelligence.

We also hear from violinist Joanne Lawrence on creative connections between baroque and contemporary musical practices and Simone Spagnolo on Philip Venables’ critically acclaimed opera 4.48 Psychosis. Finally, writer and composer George Odam offers up some reflections on ritual and the Dionysian and Apollonian in music.

With thanks to co-editor Will Crosby

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