‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ Jazz Rants

‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ Jazz Rants

Wednesday 18 November

In a welcome return to the EFG London Jazz Festival we find out what inspires, invigorates and provokes the world of jazz.

Expect free-range declamations on proposals such as what conservatoire educations are doing to Jazz, why the older players are more radical that the young and why young players want to call their music anything other than Jazz. Or how about ‘Jazzz’ – how the sound of surprise became the sound of narcotise’?

Rants are an Institute of Composing and Club Inégales tradition of lively debate featuring short speeches of trenchant views and incisive critique, which are then debated by everyone in attendance. We’ve got several ranters lined up including George Mackay, Rosie Hanley, Alison Blunt, Alexander Hawkins, Nicolas Pillai & Raymond MacDonald and will welcome more on the night, which will be led by London Jazz Festival Resident Professor Tony Whyton and director of the Institute of Composing director Peter Wiegold.

If last year’s Jazz Rants is anything to go by it’s going to be a lively evening, so come along and pitch in! 7pm Club Inégales, 180 North Gower Street. Spaces are free, but book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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